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One-stop solution to drive user engagement through cashback rewards

With over 15,000,000 having access to our services, we are one of the leading personalised offers platforms in the UK and US - providing a one-stop solution for open-banking, card-linked offers, affiliate offers and gift cards.

About Finfare Connect

Finfare Connect Card-Linked Overview

Whether you're a company looking for personalised offers solutions, or a brand needing to drive incremental footfall/sales, we provide the solutions to meet your KPI's.

Growing substantially over the last year, we now have:

  • Full turnkey technology solutions
  • API solutions
  • 3,500+ affiliate offers
  • 700+ card-linked offers
  • 100+ gift card offers
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How we can help

Find out how Finfare Connect can help your business:


Open-Banking & Card-Linked Loyalty Solutions

Our state of the art technology enables you to create a loyalty program encompassing several rewards sectors including open-banking, card-linked offers, affiliates and gift cards.

For Publishers


Enhance Your Existing Program

Gain access to our merchant offers across open-banking, card-linking, affiliates and gift cards.

For Publishers


Drive Incremental Sales via Personalised Offers

If you're a brand looking to drive incremental sales to your stores and/or website, we'll get you in-front of 4m+ engaged customers and work to your KPI's.

For Advertisers


Performance Based Operating Model

To drive sales to your brand, we work on a performance only basis. This means you'll only pay commission on sales that have been driven via our customers. It's simple, fast and there are no tech integrations required.

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Finfare Connect in numbers

  • 15,000,000+

    Customers have access to our services

  • 32

    Partners use our tech

  • 700+

    Offers via our open-banking & card-linked technology

  • 3,500+

    Offers via our affiliate technology

  • 100+

    Offers via our gift card integrations

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